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Is Kybella Permanent? 9 Things To Know Before Treatment

Are you curious about a treatment that does not involve surgery and does not cause any intrusion into your body that can permanently get rid of your double chin? Many people have double chins but don’t want to get rid of them because they don’t want to expend time or money on an invasive surgical procedure. 

However, after undergoing treatment with Kybella, you will find that all your concerns will go away! Before you resolve whether or not to go through with the treatment, there are a few things you should understand about it first.

1.) What Is Kybella Treatment?

The fat cells in the area are eradicated by the medication Kybella, administered via injection. This stops the fat cells from continuing to multiply in the affected area. Although it is most frequently used to treat double chins, it can also treat fat around the neck or in the bra area (the “bra bulge”).

In the injectable form, an active ingredient is a synthetic form of deoxycholic acid. Since it is a naturally occurring substance whose function is to break down fat, injectable deoxycholic acid is risk-free. 

2.) Non-Surgical

Back then, people who struggled with a double chin had no choice but to resort to invasive cosmetic surgery as their only real option. Alternately, Kybella in-clinic treatment can be carried out without requiring incisions or anesthesia. You do not need to modify your schedule to make room for your session. Plus, once the treatment is finished, you can leave without any issues. 

Your appointment to receive the injections will only take about 15 minutes, and then you’ll be free to go about your day, knowing that your life will soon undergo significant changes.

As a precaution, you will be given a local anesthetic before you start your procedure. After that has taken effect, you will receive the injectable, administered as a series of shots up to 50 centimeters apart. It may seem excessive, but remember that the area will be numb to make you feel less and that you won’t feel much pain even after the anesthesia starts wearing off.

3.) Preparing For Your Kybella Procedure

Some OTC medications and supplements may need to be avoided before, during, or after treatment under the guidance of your doctor or healthcare team. Certain medications, including ibuprofen, aspirin, Omega-3 supplements, and St. John’s wort, have increased the risk of bruising. The treated area should also be shaved before your appointment.

4.) You Need Multiple Appointments

Kybella’s ability to destroy fat cells means a single injection is insufficient. Attaining significant and long-lasting change requires more than just one session of treatment. If Kybella is to deliver the long-term benefits promised, it must be consistently effective.

Since fat is so difficult to break down, it usually takes several treatments before noticeable results can be seen. This means the process could stretch out over a more extended period. If the dermatologist-recommended Kybella treatments are followed religiously, however, you can expect dramatic and permanent results in just a few short months.

5,) Recovery And Aftercare

Waiting for the anesthetic to wear off will probably be the bulk of the recovery time. However, patients occasionally may experience localized swelling. Fear not; this is to be anticipated and verifies that the procedure works as planned.

Avoiding salt and alcohol for a few days after your procedure is standard advice, as is sticking to any dietary supplements or OTC medications you were told to stop taking beforehand. On the outside, however, you’ll look fine (maybe just a little puffy for a while), and you’ll be able to go about your day without concerns.

6.) Kybella Is Permanent

It’s natural for you to wonder how long the effects of Kybella will last. The good news is that the effects are long-lasting when fat cells are specifically targeted and killed by Kybella. Dead fat cells stay dead.

New fat cells can be created, though. If you put on excess weight, you may get new fat cells in the same places as the old ones. These new fat cells can then store fat and perpetuate the problem. It’s possible, though unlikely, that the treated area could experience a resurgence in fat cell growth to its pre-treatment levels. 

Although the results of a Kybella procedure are permanent, this does not mean that patients can gain as much weight as they like without worrying about their double chin returning.

7.) Everyone Can Try Out Kybella

Anyone seeking to lessen submental fullness may undergo Kybella treatment. Medical professionals will only refuse to administer an injection if the intended site has an open wound or injury. Wounds must be completely healed before they can be considered free of infection.

8.) Expect Results To Appear After Two Appointments

Patients can expect results from their Kybella treatment in as few as two to four sessions of consistent application. Most patients have reported feeling better after their sessions, so maintaining that session consistency is crucial for success. Patients who elect to undergo Kybella treatment should be dedicated to seeing rapid improvement in the appearance of their double chin throughout several appointments.

9.) Kybella Is FDA-Approved

The Food and Drug Administration has approved Kybella, an injectable fat-reduction medication. 

Kybella is a synthetic version of deoxycholic acid, a naturally occurring molecule that the body synthesizes. This acid aids fat digestion and elimination by dissolving the cell membranes of fat cells. The dissolving dead cells are absorbed and processed by the body. Researchers successfully recreated deoxycholic acid by studying its natural components in the human body. 

It’s safe to assume that your provider won’t inject you with any illegal substances since Kybella is FDA-approved.


Kybella has gained popularity for its ability to diminish submental fat without requiring invasive, painful procedures that would force patients to miss significant time from work. It’s risk-free, doesn’t require cutting or stitching, and produces permanent results after just a few sessions. The effects of using Kybella, which is commonly known as a fat burner, can be prolonged by adopting a healthier way of life. So if you are interested, consider contacting and visiting our clinic, Skin Suite Medspa. We also offer various services that can address other aesthetic or wellness concerns. 


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