As we age, our skin begins to lose some of its elasticity, and our fat redistributes towards gravity. The submental fat (double chin) can be found beneath the chin. No amount of exercise or diet will be able to fix this problem if you are genetically predisposed or your fat area has developed with age. Submental fat creates an unattractive facial profile.
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Some of the Mesotherapy / LipoDissolve applications include

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Mesotherapy is a minimally-invasive, non-surgical, natural cosmetic medical treatment, suitable for a variety of symptoms and conditions.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Mesotherapy

The short answer is yes. Kybella® is a form of mesotherapy. Kybella® was developed specifically to melt away double chins and was approved by the FDA. Kybella® may be used in many other areas to melt away unwanted fat.
Patients of all ages can benefit from mesotherapy. An ideal candidate is within five to fifteen pounds of their ideal body weight, but is having trouble losing stubborn fat in certain areas.
No, downtime is minimal following mesotherapy injections. For most patients, however, swelling will last for a few days following treatment.
The results can vary depending on how much fat is addressed, and how many treatments are performed. Patients are likely to notice a difference within three weeks following their first treatment.

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