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The VR-Shot and PRP: What Are Its Uses, Research, And Everything More!

THE O-SHOT AND PRP Services by Skin Suite Med Spa in Brookhaven, GA

When asked if women would want their sex lives to become so much better through medical treatment, the answer is a resounding yes! Many women with sexual dysfunction—or none—would always want some improvements. Could VR-Shot and PRP be the ideal medical treatment to fulfill their wants? 

Although sexuality conversations are becoming more open than ever, there are still some reluctant women who aren’t so honest about bringing up their issues. Some women face problems of decreased sexual pleasure, which can stem from poor lubrication, the vaginal canal is too loose or tight, difficulty or inability to achieve orgasm, and pain during intercourse. These issues may be physical, but they can affect a woman’s self-esteem, causing stress between their significant other. 

That’s why we are open to you about it in this article. We want to let you know that there is something you can do about these frustrations by presenting you with the VR-shot treatment option. Even if you have none of these issues, you can still benefit from the treatment to enhance your sex life. 

So is VR-shot And PRP the answer to your concerns and wants?

What Are VR-shot And PRP?

The VR-Shot, or Vaginal rejuvenation shot, is a treatment that enhances the quality of your sex life by increasing sensitivity and sensation in your vagina. The Vaginal rejuvenation shot is based on the PRP approach, which has widely successfully treated various age-related symptoms and conditions. 

Patients have widely reported that they experienced more robust and more frequent orgasms after taking the treatment. They are also happy to report that sex became easier due to increased lubrication and also greater arousal during sex. 

The treatment is not a surgical procedure, all it takes are simple injections, and you are done. Of course, it’s not as straightforward as there are still consultations and whatnot, but it’s definitely less cumbersome than surgical procedures. 

PRP Research

A Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) approach is a process that uses your body’s own platelets to promote healing and rejuvenation. Orthopedic surgeons around a decade ago first applied PRP. PRP is commonly applied to post-surgical wounds, assisting the healing process right after orthopedic joint surgery, resulting in quicker joint recovery for athletes within 6-8 weeks instead of 6-8 months. 

Thanks to its excellent results in wound recovery, it was only a matter of time until its effects were further explored for other medical concerns. Several years later, a gynecologist from Fairhope, Alabama, Charles Runels MD, became interested in applying PRP for sexual uses. Thus, the VR-shot, Vaginal rejuvenation shot, was born. 

VR-shot is widely available because its production is reproducible, and the results were consistent among women. You have an VR-shot treatment as long as you know how to extract and apply the PRP treatment to the vagina. Many women who had problems with sexual dysfunction were suddenly reduced after the PRP treatment. 

We know that it works, but how does it work?

How VR-shot And PRP Works 

PRP process uses the patients’ own blood cells to help rejuvenate the vagina. There are proteins such as platelets and other growth factors floating around within your blood’s plasma, and they are circulating all around, patrolling and looking out for wounds to heal. 

While they are all over your system, these platelets do not actively try to rejuvenate your body, so increased sexual dysfunction can still happen in women. Applying a concentrated platelet-rich plasma into your vagina will release the platelets and other healing and growth factors into the areas and rejuvenate old cells.  

Researchers understand that the treatment works, and it rejuvenates your vagina. However, what they don’t understand is why and how it works. These healing proteins do something, but they are unsure how specific processes work. 

Extracting PRP

To get a high concentration of platelet-rich plasma from your blood, we will have to extract it from you, which means injections. Your provider will extract a vial of blood from you and then place it in a centrifuge machine. The machine will spin at a specific rate, separating blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets.  

After the spinning, you can clearly distinguish on the vial that there are red blood cells at the bottom, white blood cells in the middle, and on the top is the yellow-colored platelet-rich plasma concentrate. 

The treatment will only utilize the PRP concentrate. So using injections, your provider will extract the PRP, and the rest aren’t extracted since they aren’t needed. Now, you have a VR-shot for your vagina. 

How VR-shot Treatment is Applied

Applying PRP into your vagina is relatively straightforward. First, your provider will apply numbing cream or local anesthesia to minimize pain and discomfort during the procedure. Typically, a PRP wouldn’t need injections, but since the vagina can be sensitive, your provider will have to be careful. 

Following the anesthesias, your provider will inject it under the vagina skin around the G-spot areas. The best part of the treatment is that it only lasts a minute or so, depending on how many injections are needed, which your provider determines.  

It takes more time to administer and wait for the numbing cream to work than to apply the PRP into your vagina. Patients do not report pain during the procedure, just a bit of pricking sensation that dwindles quickly. 

Benefits Of VR-shot Treatment

Here are the following benefits that patients have reported after experiencing the VR-shot treatment:

  • Enhanced vaginal lubrication
  • More accessible and heightened orgasm experience
  • Pain reduction during intercourse
  • Enhanced libido and sexual desire

In some cases, VR-shot is used to treat the following vaginal conditions: 

  • treat lichen sclerosis
  • treat lichen planus
  • treat frequent pain from birth and mesh, as well as interstitial cystitis
  • ease urinary incontinence

Risks From VR-shot

The risks from VR-shot are infrequent since the procedure uses a PRP approach, essentially using your own blood. However, since PRP is explicitly processed, the environment must be sterile to minimize infections. Likewise, your provider should know how to apply the PRP, but they should know that if they are licensed, that’s about it. 


If you have any sexual discomforts or simply want to enhance the experience, you should consider the VR-shot and PRP treatment. Suppose you are interested in the treatment, contact and reach out to our clinic, Skin Suite Medspa. We offer different services that help address bodily wellness concerns. 


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